Thursday, October 29, 2015

Prohibition Mobsters: Rachel Xercotti

Rachel Xercotti, Journalist

Rachel came about as the result of a critical success on a reaction roll I made on behalf of one of my players while they were at a party trying to sling cocaine to get close to a Broadway singer so they could kidnap her. So I decided that Tony now has a very determined and nosy admirer and love interest.

Rachel is built on 100% of Tony's points and appears on a 6 or less. I used Action 4 as well as many of the various Power-Up series for inspiration and ideas.

 Rachel was built using numerous skill packages from Action 4: Bon Vivant, Journalism, Detective Work, Femme Fatale, Social Engineering. These packages resulted in a significant overlap, especially with Sex Appeal which ended up ridiculously high (especially after tuning it to IQ instead of HT with a Perk).

Rachel's Top Capbilities:
  • Getting people to divulge information: With Sex Appeal 18 (effective skill 24 with Very Beautiful Appearance), Acting and Fast-Talk 16, and Carousing 14, Rachel is a natural at getting information from people
  • Rubbing Elbows with the Upper Crust: Connoisseur, Current Affairs, Diplomacy and Savoir-Faire (High Society) all at skill 13 work exceedingly well with her skills above to help her mingle with those that matter without stepping on figurative toes
  • Technical Journalism: Rachel has a spattering of journalism technical skills in the 11-13 range that help her gain information when people aren't around to talk to.
Rachel's Weaknesses:
  • Rachel is a liability in combat. She's not a bad shot with a gun but she's otherwise completely outmatched by most street thugs or criminals.
  • No athleticism
  • Almost no points in stealth-related skills, and only a paltry 11 in Shadowing. 
Projected Growth:
  • Shoring up Rachel's capability to be a sneak- stakeouts, following people, probably lockpicking and some skills geared towards getting into physical places she doesn't belong
  • Increasing the technical skills she has
  • Perception increases would benefit a large number of her skills (not to mention IQ which would be a crazy increase across the board)

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