Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Prohibition Mobsters: Sessions 2 and 3

The players went back to Jack, explaining that Bruno was gone. After a long wait for Sam to get back from rousing Moran's crew into a useless search of the Hudson River for a booze shipment, Jack returned with their new crew member- a WWI vet with an appreciation for heavy weapons.

The hijacking of the booze shipment went more or less without a hitch. Thanks to a third player (still unidentified by the players) chasing down the shipment, the players really only had to clean up after the escort and chase vehicles were done shooting each other to shreds.

After securing the booze, the PCs had a week to stew.

Than Lester Montange, another capo within the Barberini family, had a job. One of the Barberini's drinking establishments/gambling parlors had been tossed by the O'Malley Family, an Irish outfit heavily involved in illicit gambling. Turns out, two Families, the O'Malleys and the Zambitos, have been slugging it out for a few months over who gets the bulk of gambling within NYC.

Some questions to their extended social circles reveals that the O'Malleys were told by Three-Finger Moran that the Barberini place was a Zambito establishment.

Lester tells the crew to hit the O'Malleys.

Despite a failed area knowledge check, the group locates an O'Malley bar, and case the place. It's being watched by three guys- one in a window across the street, and two in a vehicle parked in an alleyway.

Vinnie and Red head inside to get the watchman. Vinnie lockpicks the door, sneaking inside. The crappy floor gives him away, but Vinnie manages to slip around back the guy. Vinnie garrotes him.

The poor shmuck failed his ST roll by 5. Vinnie succeeded his ST+3 (due to using a garrote) check by 8, meaning the guy took 13 cut damage to the neck. I didn't bother making HT checks.

The second guy in the apartment that they didn't know about comes out about this time. Vinnie and Red pummel him down, breaking both of his hands in the process.

With the lookouts out of the way, the crew assembles in the overlook point to plan, when Moran's guys phone in. Sam manages to affect a shitty Irish accent, convincing them that he was posted. They tell him that they're leaving since it's obvious that the Barberinis didn't take the bait.

The PCs immediately prove that assessment wrong by sneaking Red and Sam inside the bar, then having Vinnie and Tony beat up the bouncers and enter with guns blazing. They empty out the bar and begins smashing everything in sight.

To top it off, they make off with a cargo truck with a small shipment of booze the O'Malleys were unloading in the back of the bar.

Overall take:
  • One cargo truck
  • Small shipment of booze
  • Cash register
  • One fairly shoddy shotgun