Sunday, October 19, 2014

Busy in meatspace

Life's been fairly hectic the last few months. Job training has consumed a large portion of my free time, and although I've been able to continue Agency 17, there have been weeks without sessions.

It kills my motivation to write when we go almost a month without playing.

So here's a wrap-up on my recent gaming going-ons:

Agency 17:

  • Recruited two new players. Both are located in the UK/Scotland, meaning they're playing at like 3-4AM.
  • Have had only 3 sessions since the last blog post. Real life events really ground the momentum of it to a halt.
  • On the fence about continuing the session reports.

New Orleans Monster Hunters

  • Virgil's player from Agency 17 is running a 400 point MH campaign set in New Orleans
  • I'm playing Earl, a reformed demon under the watch of a Morgan-like (Dresdenverse) figure who will lop off his head if he transgresses and starts killing innocents.
  • I was allowed to muck around with the demon template's power offerings with more or less free reign, which ended up with Earl having a human alternate form, intangibility and invisibility all as alternate abilities. These allow Earl a great deal of utility.
  • I've also taken a flat 5-damage no wounding corrosion innate attack that follows up on Earl's claws to help shred DR, signature gear to get his hands on a Very Fine (Accurate) Barrett M82A1, and Targeted Attack for Neck (with claws) and Skull (with rifles).

1640s Monster Hunters

  • 400 point MH campaign set in 1640s Ireland during the English Civil War and the Irish Rebellion of 1641.
  • IRL group with six players.
  • Currently the campaign I'm most jazzed about- my IRL friends are playing and I would really like the campaign to be successful.