Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Other campaign happenings 2

This post will be a small roundup of in game events that I want to keep track of for later. Most of these happen between sessions, and won't likely involve the players.
Unknown to the Players:
  •  Xavier is approached by Arthur Bingham who is starting to dig into the identities of the Agents who apprehended him way back during the first mission. Xavier is subsequently placed under observation by Section 17 for possible recruitment.
  • The decision is made to kidnap Arthur Bingham to induct him into Section 17. This will likely take place after the PC's mission in Brazil.
  • Lorin's gun-running crew falls apart without Lorin. The members either assimilate, flee, or die. The PKK presence in the area experiences supply problems.
  • Egeman Atalar ascends through the ranks of Agency 17 with surprising speed. I'm thinking he was a very early recruit planted within Turkish Intelligence.
  • Robert Sampson discovers the death of his family. He becomes an alcoholic wreck, a breadcrumb that Arthur will later use to uncover the Mexico operation...
  • NATO vehemently denies the existence of Project Olympus, placing the blame entirely upon Egeman Atalar. Turkey promises a full investigation, although all indications are that Egeman is a useful scapegoat for almost all involved parties.
Possibly Known to the Players: 
  • Natalia is pressed into service almost immediately. The results are violent, bloody and conspicuously reported widely in international news.

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