Sunday, March 9, 2014

Agency 17: Just business

The next mission will be taking place in the Amazon Rainforest- most likely in Brazil. Their goal is to stop a environmentally horrible company, Rand & Charles Petroleum (RCP) from opening up a new drilling operation within the rainforest.

Of course, Agency 17 has cloudy motives beyond environmental protection, most of them amounting to trying to curtail the RCP's presence in the area.

The band will be sent out with Gregori, Agency 17's premier survival expert. He should be extremely capable help when it comes to guiding them through the Amazon- a task none of the PCs are very prepared for.

To complicate things, RCP has been hiring private military contractor types to provide security and suppress local anti-drilling activities. These mercenaries are obviously not very nice people and will likely be trigger happy.

I'm thinking a drill site about five miles out from a town located by the only non-contaminated water supply for a large area, in deep jungle. That makes the town a population hub and constrains the area the PCs will have to worry about. It gives a locus for the events of the mission, providing angry locals, boisterous PMCs, and a place for evil corporate types to try and push or stop the drilling from beginning.

Maybe to spice things up an agent from Section 17 might make an appearance.

I'm running tomorrow's session more or less by the seat of my pants.


  1. The company's first job is to clear a road. They need to get heavy equipment in and out, and deep jungle is pretty much proof against vehicles.

    1. I can see them press-ganging the locals into service under the threat of death if they decline.