Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Other Campaign Happenings 1

This post will be a small roundup of in game events that I want to keep track of for later. Most of these happen between sessions, and won't likely involve the players.

Known to the Players:

  • George Hardings is declared persona non grata by the United States for his part in stealing from the CIA. He returns to London and is killed a few weeks later by the Belarus KGB, an incident that the UK chooses to ignore given Hardings' recent misdeeds.
  • Hernando's capture, torture and subsequent death by the Los Zetas cartel is captured by Tobias' bugs within a few days of the successful hijacking of the shipment.
  • Miguel decides that Ciudad Madera is too hot, and moves to a less violent area of Mexico.

Unknown to the Players:

  • Hardings' CIA contact where he originally got the list goes missing, presumably forced to disappear.
  • Xavier leaves the employ of the United Kingdom government, discontent with how he was treated by Hardings and the British Government.
  • Arthur Bingham is fired by the NSA. He has come to Section 17's attention and this is their first move towards hiring him.
  • The Los Zetas cartel murders Robert Sampson's family. Agency 17 falsely informed Logan that they had been retrieved by another team of Agents.
  • The stolen drugs are moved to an Agency 17 warehouse and put into storage.

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