Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Prohibition Mob: Open Call, Looking for Gangs

I've whipped up a google form to allow people to suggest gang names and other information about them. There's a good chance submissions might actually get used in the game, and in the connected meta-game I'll be explaining below.

Gang Submission Form

Now, in addition to soliciting ideas from the twenty or so people who reliably view this blog, I'm also considering opening up a meta game of sorts within the game where individuals might take over the between session actions of the NPC gangs in NYC. You could say, attack another gang and attempt to steal their booze. Maybe bribing your way into local politics is more your style. Maybe your gang tries to start a protection racket on someone else's territory.

It would involve bookkeeping, stuff I'd likely farm out to one or two of my players to help me with since it would be almost strictly an OOC thing when two small gangs decide to come to blows in a way that doesn't directly affect the player group. This would likely involve maps of dubious quality denoting territory and such.

That said, it does open a fun element when/if any of these small independently controlled organizations DO come head to head with the PCs... there could be opportunities for more direct cause and effect as you try to react to game events. Chances are my PCs will also be running groups not connected with their own interests at all.

There will probably be random power rankings assigned by 3d6 at the start, with a scoreboard. Rat piling the individual on top is definitely suggested and family fun for all.

Commitment will be minimal- probably get an e-mail Monday with 5 days to get me a response with what you do. Frequency probably won't be weekly for the meta aspects as in-game time tends to crawl along fairly slowly. Heavy engagement might increase frequency, I'm open to seeing how it goes.

Anyways, part of this will hinge on response. If I get one or two responses, I'll probably scrap the overall idea and see about more involved control of influential NPCs for those interested.

If interested, I suggest leaving a comment below or otherwise getting in touch at vilobion at gmail

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  1. Since it sounds like I'd be able to get a response in between work hours, I'm interested.