Thursday, February 4, 2016

Prohibition Mob: "Even if everyone else was deeply confused, I appreciated the Agency 17 appearance."

Precis - The crew from Agency 17 makes an appearance- and not just a cameo.

The Crew:

Sam: The diplomatic and sociopathic leader of the crew. Sam has been the driving force behind the group's actions since day one, and his feud with Three-Fingers Moran has been a consistent issue for the group.
Red: A 16-17 year old thug whose brother's work in the liftskirt industry got her into organized crime. Red is tenacious, has a fiery temper, and has a lot of maturity issues to work out.
Vinnie: Another thug in the 16-17 year old range, Vinnie is a skulk and thug. Raised on the streets from a young age, Vinnie enjoys gambling, slicing throats and good cigars.
Tony: Tony made sergeant in WWI and made sure that a BAR fell off a truck for his own personal use later. The triggerman of the team, Tony's found himself in the sights of an intrepid bombshell reporter- Rachel.
Isaac: A former cop who has turned into a fixer for various corrupt individuals. Isaac is scary perceptive and would make an ideal serial killer if he were inclined.

Supporting Cast:
Teddy: Sam's brother-in-law and the group's wheelman. Teddy enjoys loud explosions, fast cars, driving fast cars, and causing loud explosions.
Rachel: Possibly the best journalist in the city, Rachel immediately found herself smitten with Tony and is more than happy to dig up information for him. Rachel figures the book she'll be able to write in a decade will be a best seller.
Ben Kincaid: The leader of the Kincaid Outfit, Ben is the boss of the group the players are currently working under. Ben is a smooth operator who would probably be a better fit in an intelligence agency than running a criminal organization.
Senga: Owner of the bar the players use as their base of operations. Legitimate businessman.


Having been ambushed by Moran, the group thinks its time for some payback. They've assembled a team and are ready to take out whatever might be waiting for them back at their hotel.


Things at their hotel seemed normal, sans the illegally parked car with a single wheel up on the curb by the entrance. Vinnie decided to scout things out.

Due to darkness penalties and a failed perception roll, Vinnie turned a corner and bumped right into someone skulking around.

A firefight ensued. Vinnie managed to avoid getting shot, while for the first few seconds his knife attacks failed to land or penetrate the leather jacket the guy was wearing. Assailant #2 got gunned down by Red before he could get a shot off.

Tony gunned down the remaining gun after he turned and ran. The two guys had been in the process of wiring the car to explode- nobody noticed the cable running to the car parked out front until Red tripped over it in the dark.

The crew decided to grab their stuff and bail.

Sam left the group to canvas capital hill to try and locate where Moran's senator- Cedric O'brien- would be docking once they arrived in DC via Cedric's steamboat. 

Sam found Isaac receiving his final pay for a job he had just finished for Nathan Larson- the newest Senator from Vermont.

Isaac and Sam speak for a moment, and Sam immediately realizes he could use Isaac's talents, asking him for a meeting the next morning.

Sam was then floored when Larson called out to him by name and wanted to have a conversation...

Larson knows Kyle DiGlado, knows that Sam is working for him, and wants to know what brings Sam to DC. It turns out that Larson and Sam's goals align- Sam wants to take out Moran, Larson wants Cedric- his fellow Senator- taken out of the picture.

Moran and Cedric are arriving in DC in a few days and then throwing a big celebratory bash over Cedric's successful campaign.

Larson puts Sam in contact with his team, and makes it clear that Sam shouldn't investigate or dig into the games going on above his pay grade.

Larson's team consists of Virgil, Jack and Johnny Trang, who were the PCs in my previous campaign, Agency 17. The three refer to themselves as V, J and M, respectively, to stymie any attempts on Sam's part to track them down after the fact. Virgil and co spell out their plan (sniping), their willingness to help (if it doesn't endanger them), and wish Sam and the rest of the crew luck.

The session ends with Larson's secretary giving Red a love letter to deliver to Kyle DiGlado.

Next Time:

I have more planning ahead of me than I usually do. There's the boat, the party, the guests, the security prep for the boat, and more to mull over and prepare for. I'm sure things won't go as planned for anybody present, except maybe the Agency 17 guys who will get their man one way or another.

Behind the Curtain

So what's Larson's game, and how is it he's acquired a team from what was a TL8 time and place and now has them in TL6 1920s DC? I'm not telling. The core of the campaign will always be the mobsters trying to make it big- and with the exception of Sam's player, the Agency 17 guys showing up wasn't anything out of the ordinary. What I do in the background behind the curtain to tie my various campaigns together is a side offering for the players I have who stick with multiple campaigns to see the threads connecting them, and for the readers who keep up on my games here.

I'm sure it will eventually lead to a campaign more devoted to exploring the topic as a whole, but for now my guys want to bury Moran for good, and so that's my main focus.

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