Thursday, February 11, 2016

Prohibition Mob: Dead Man's Party

Precis- Everyone's favorite criminals crash a campaign donor event to kill Three-Fingers Moran.

I am still looking for gang ideas and participants for a meta-game level of play I want to try out.

The Crew:

Sam: The diplomatic and sociopathic leader of the crew. Sam has been the driving force behind the group's actions since day one, and his feud with Three-Fingers Moran has been a consistent issue for the group.
Red: A 16-17 year old thug whose brother's work in the liftskirt industry got her into organized crime. Red is tenacious, has a fiery temper, and has a lot of maturity issues to work out.
Vinnie: Another thug in the 16-17 year old range, Vinnie is a skulk and thug. Raised on the streets from a young age, Vinnie enjoys gambling, slicing throats and good cigars.
Tony: Tony made sergeant in WWI and made sure that a BAR fell off a truck for his own personal use later. The triggerman of the team, Tony's found himself in the sights of an intrepid bombshell reporter- Rachel.
Isaac: A former cop who has turned into a fixer for various corrupt individuals. Isaac is scary perceptive and would make an ideal serial killer if he were inclined.

Supporting Cast:
Teddy: Sam's brother-in-law and the group's wheelman. Teddy enjoys loud explosions, fast cars, driving fast cars, and causing loud explosions.
Rachel: Possibly the best journalist in the city, Rachel immediately found herself smitten with Tony and is more than happy to dig up information for him. Rachel figures the book she'll be able to write in a decade will be a best seller.
Ben Kincaid: The leader of the Kincaid Outfit, Ben is the boss of the group the players are currently working under. Ben is a smooth operator who would probably be a better fit in an intelligence agency than running a criminal organization.
Senga: Owner of the bar the players use as their base of operations. Legitimate businessman.

I was eager to get to the shooting bits, but my players were very intent on going through the motions of preparing for a mission. This involved a few different things:
  • Sam acquired tickets for him and Tony to the event by posing as a Veteran's Advocacy group member who wanted to make a donation to Cedric O'Brien's next campaign.
  • Isaac located the headquarters of the catering company handling the company and broke in. There was a short fight with a guard dog, which he put down with a silenced pistol.
  • Red and Vinnie both attempted to hit the streets for info. Red didn't locate the right company and Vinnie only found a poker game.
  • Tony cleaned guns. Lots of guns. 
Isaac, Red and Vinnie all infiltrated the catering company. They'd hired a lot of extra help due to the sheer size of the event being thrown. Only Red completely escaped detection, her experience working at her family's bakery in the going a long way towards looking like she belonged. Isaac and Vinnie both had a few close calls, but artful lying got them through the day.

The three of them eventually made their way onto the Trident with the catering company. Isaac managed to sneak a small crate of weapons on board, stashing them on the bottom deck.

Once security, ran by Three-Fingers Moran himself, showed up, Vinnie and Isaac were told to leave the ship. Both pretended to comply before sneaking below deck and stowing away.

Tony and Sam arrived very fashionably late, intentionally showing up well after the first rush of guests arriving. They didn't mingle very much, putting a lot of effort into avoiding Moran and the security goons he had on the ship.

Everyone met on a lower deck right before O'Brien was to begin his speech. They took their sweet time trying to plan their next move.

Virgil and crew, sent by Larson to kill the Senator, had no intention of letting him even begin his speech. The second the senator stepped up onto the platform they had setup on the top deck Virgil shot him in the head with a Mauser T-Gew that had been modified to be much more friendly to fire. The shot passed through O'Brien and took out the poor schnook behind him as well.

Pandemonium broke out on the ship with civilians and various socialites running for cover. Virgil and crew continued to throw down covering fire, largely concentrating along their sight lines- the extreme back and forward of the ship.

The players ran for the top deck, exchanging gunfire with Moran's goons. The crew took down those towards the top of the stairs with little difficulty. The fight started to spread out across the top deck of the ship, with Moran's men moving behind a storage room and the players setting up on the opposite side of the room.

They exchanged gunfire through windows, as Tony flanked Moran's men. It wasn't long before most of Moran's men were down, with Moran's leg mangled by a M1903 Springfield shot (7d+1 pi, average damage is in the ballpark of 22 damage).

Isaac took an unlucky Colt Government .45 shot to the head right towards the end of the session. The damage was 7 on the initial hit, being reduced to 5 by skull DR. 20 damage wasn't enough to reduce the HP 12 detective to -1xHP, although it totally knocked him on his ass. Isaac didn't actually lose consciousness, although it definitely took him out of the remaining fight.

Vinnie finished off the guy who shot Isaac, and the last of Moran's men jumped overboard after slicing Moran's throat.

The group escaped via motorboat, which Teddy had acquired (and used to spray tourists near the waterfront while waiting for the signal to pick up the group). A boat that attempted to pursue them discovered that boating materials of the era weren't much protection from rifles meant to pierce tank armor.


  • Sam is strapped for points and likely isn't going to be able to buy off his enemy just yet. I'm working on a replacement. Originally Ben Kincaid was going to be that enemy, but I later changed my mind. The guy who jumped overboard might be the new Moran. Still deciding
  • Special elections to replace an assassinated senator is going to be a major campaign event. Everybody and their grandmother wants their man in that seat.
  • There's likely going to be an in-game timeskip to move past winter and for the elections to really start up.
  • An assassinated senator is definitely going to draw attention, although why Larson ordered the hit in the first place is still unknown to the players.
  • Isaac is looking at almost three weeks of recovery for a 20 damage injury, although medical care will likely reduce that a fair bit.

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