Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Two New Players

We started the campaign with four players, but due to a medical issue, one of my players had to bow out. Sadly, Alex will be relegated to another team within Agency 17 and won't be going out with the Agents I am most concerned with.

Three people was leaving the group pretty thin. There were already a few skill gaps that painfully obvious with four people, and losing their main breaking and entering savant was going to hurt.

So I could either fill the ranks with GMPCs, give the existing players more points, recruit new players, or let it lie and have them work around their skill gaps.

My new philosophy in this campaign has been to be more hands off when it comes to the use of NPCs and GMPCs. Nima was a stop-gap, provided largely for a mission that involves barreling down a highway at 70 MPH trying to shoot at a convoy of mexican drug dealers. It begged to have a competent driver along with skill somewhere in the 15-18 range who can reliably navigate traffic jams at unreasonable speeds.

So besides situations where I don't want to leave the PCs entirely high and dry lacking a mission critical skill, I'd prefer to avoid GMPCs.

More points is a tricky beast, especially if they end up spent on Attributes or non-talent advantages. That would do nothing to help the gap in everyman skills that is evident.

Letting it lie would probably have been my second choice overall. Natural growth would allow the PCs to begin fleshing out their skill sets, given enough time to do so. But at the same time, I originally hoped to run for at least four or five people, and three gets really thin if someone is sick, can't make it, or something.

Five people gives us wiggle room. It's something I should probably check with the others on how they want to handle absences.

Besides, bringing in new blood is going to be an opportunity to teach GURPS to two new players. They're going to come to the table with ideas and opinions, which will hopefully continue to push the game forward. I'm optimistic considering both almost completed character creation within a few hours of getting in touch, with assistance. Both of their characters are looking pretty solid, although the group has a huge amount of overlap concerning surveillance, and both new characters are relatively similar given their skillsets.

But hey, that's what points earned during play are for.

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