Thursday, December 5, 2013

Events Thus Far

Agency 17 has had handful of sessions in so far. We've had at least 5-6 of them, with a few missed ones due to frequent headaches and other real life issues.

The Agents

Tobias Stöhner: Gray hat hacker and electronics whiz, Tobias makes computer security experts at the Pentagon break out into a cold sweat when he infiltrates their systems.
Virgil Cooke: A former CIA agent, Virgil is a master of acting a part and working the social aspects of covert ops. You probably should avoid windows if he wants you dead.
Jack Herman: Former SAS, Jack is the group's heavy muscle and military man. If the group needs his talents, it's inevitably because something went FUBAR and they need saving.
Alexandrina Veselovsky (Alex): Russian criminal. Breaking and entering expert. Overly complicated last name. Impossible to keep away from your valuables.
 Nima Caspi: A former IDF combat medic, Nima is perfectly at home driving like a complete maniac and patching up complete maniacs who have taken a bullet or two.

Mission One: Arthur Bingham

Initially tasked with investigating a journalist who may have stumbled onto the existence of Agency 17, the players were flown into New York City, where they met with their handler, Logan, as well as Logan's bodyguard, Mr. Monson. Logan explained the nature of Agency 17 to them, and then set them loose to investigate Bingham.

It turned out that Bingham is the nephew of a British diplomat, one George Hardings. Although it initially appeared that Hardings was feeding Bingham information about a botched mission that involved A17 spying on the SAS, it turned out that Hardings had come into possession of a CIA dossier. The dossier contained a full summary of the Russian Bratva hierarchy, listing out the command structure, information that also detailed the identities of a few CIA moles within the organization.

Hardings had been hired by the Belarus KGB to steal the list and give it to them. The Russians and CIA both had vested interests in making sure their side could acquire the list for themselves, meaning that Hardings was a target. The players thwarted an assault on Bingham and Hardings, helping them escape.

Even after searching Bingham's apartment, the players were unable to learn what information he had on Agency 17. Hardings was able to convince them that his nephew had supplied him with the CIA list, immediately turning them against Bingham.

Bingham, cornered and threatened by Tobias, shot Tobias and jumped out of a two story window to make his escape, receiving help from an extraction team.

Hardings was returned to the United Kingdom, disgraced, at the center of a diplomatic firestorm over his possession of classified CIA intelligence documents.

The players never learned that Bingham is in truth a NSA analyst, one who has stumbled onto the activities of both the real Agency 17 and the insidious imposter group that the players are part of. This will come back to haunt them.

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  1. I'd love to hear more about how you get all the setup and background down enough to spin a complex spy story.