Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Holiday Break and Some Planning

It's been almost two weeks home for the holidays. The advantages include time spent with family, home cooked food, and the very welcome escape from public transit and city life in general.

Of course, the downsides involve not being able to run GURPS for my players and an almost total lack of computer access.

I caught the second Hobbit film. I couldn't help but think about how the various fights could be translated into various GURPS concepts- and Legolas' point total is likely ridiculous given some of the antics he gets up to (Obligatory mention of Heroic Archer here). Good media helps stimulate the formation of new ideas, and gives me a desire to run games set in the setting/genre in question.

There's a chance I'll be running some DF-style GURPS for some teens aged 12-14 tomorrow, which should be a nice departure from modern combat involving guns. I don't get to game with this group frequently, meaning that it's really hard to convey the various combat options available to them, but it's a good challenge moving forward on how to get them to at least state what they want to do- even if I have to handle the mechanics of a deceptive attack or similar.

For Agency 17, I believe I want the next mission to involve protecting some kind of terrorist or dethroned government type- inspired partly by some of the recent riots and revolts in Latin and Southern America. The group has a lot of familiarity South of the border, so setting missions in Mexico, Latin America or even further South allows them to avoid nasty cultural faux pas (if I ever want to bring those to the forefront, almost nobody has significant experience operating in Africa or parts of Asia).

Chances are the principal they'll be protecting will be dirty, providing the twist. The expectation is that they'll be escorting some wounded rebel or asset out of a hot spot when in reality their man underwent extensive cosmetic surgery to change his appearance so that he could escape not only the guns of local rebels but possibly the long arms of international war tribunals or something similar.

There's likely going to be an emphasis on stealth, possibly with a few choices to be made if their contact desires that they retrieve choice items for him before they leave. I still have to run the conclusion of the hijack mission first however.

About that- the new guys will likely be trying to sabotage one or both of the helicopters that will attempt to intercept the players once they've taken the truck. It will give them something productive to do that ties in with what the others have been doing without dropping them in without reason.

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