Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sam's new Enemy

With Moran dead, and with a points budget that won't allow him to buy off the enemy immediately, Sam needs a new nemesis. I'm still working out some of the details, but here's what I've got thus far.

To my Prohibition Mob Players:

Moran was 150% of Sam's total, a hunter, with an appearance roll of 6. Now, Moran showed up really frequently and had a huge impact on the story thus far- which is completely appropriate for the plot. Although Matt didn't get the points for a frequent enemy, everyone is cool with it because Moran was a complete pain in the ass- for the PCs. The players came to respect him as unpredictable and tenacious.

Sam's newest enemy is the guy who actually killed Moran, slitting his throat in the middle of the chaotic fight on Poseidon's Trident. He jumped overboard and eluded capture, which is pretty trivial for a character who will be in the ballpark of 500 points.

Moran existed both as a social threat as the top dog of the Irish Mobsters out there, and general all-around honey badger/wolverine, and as someone who was generally quite hard to kill.

I did, however, make mistakes.

Enemies should scale with the PC they're attached to- although I never did flesh out a complete sheet for Moran because they only directly confronted him in combat twice.

Moran also never had luck, which puts him at a significant mechanical disadvantage against most of my PCs who do. At the very least both sides can piss away luck trying to dodge lethal hits and then get back to killing one another if both have a measure of luck.

But, Moran was effective and worthwhile as an enemy, especially since his presence and existence fueled a lot of plot without his direct appearance being necessary.

It's a trend I hope to continue with the new guy- sadly a lot of WW2 and Cold War spooks were about five years old at the time of the campaign, so drawing on historical sources will be difficult. I'm frankly tempted to make the new enemy a rival and up their appearance rating, so that it's a different flavor of enemy from Moran- one less immediately lethal, if only because they're not looking to immediately off Sam at the first opportunity. It's something I'm toying with.

Now, the great thing is that Moran was allied with someone in a position of power- it appeared to be Cedric up until his head got turned into a red mist by Virgil- and I'm sure Sam is going to be endlessly frustrated when he learns that Moran's replacement is trying to make sure that nobody finds out who was pointing Moran at targets.

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