Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Prohibition Mob: Serendipity, Bitch

The Crew:

Sam: The diplomatic and sociopathic leader of the crew. Sam has been the driving force behind the group's actions since day one, and his feud with Three-Fingers Moran has been a consistent issue for the group.
Red: A 16-17 year old thug whose brother's work in the liftskirt industry got her into organized crime. Red is tenacious, has a fiery temper, and has a lot of maturity issues to work out.
Vinnie: Another thug in the 16-17 year old range, Vinnie is a skulk and thug. Raised on the streets from a young age, Vinnie enjoys gambling, slicing throats and good cigars.
Tony: Tony made sergeant in WWI and made sure that a BAR fell off a truck for his own personal use later. The triggerman of the team, Tony's found himself in the sights of an intrepid bombshell reporter- Rachel.
Isaac: A former cop who has turned into a fixer for various corrupt individuals. Isaac is scary perceptive and would make an ideal serial killer if he were inclined.

Supporting Cast:
Teddy: Sam's brother-in-law and the group's wheelman. Teddy enjoys loud explosions, fast cars, driving fast cars, and causing loud explosions.
Rachel: Possibly the best journalist in the city, Rachel immediately found herself smitten with Tony and is more than happy to dig up information for him. Rachel figures the book she'll be able to write in a decade will be a best seller.
Ben Kincaid: The leader of the Kincaid Outfit, Ben is the boss of the group the players are currently working under. Ben is a smooth operator who would probably be a better fit in an intelligence agency than running a criminal organization.
Senga: Owner of the bar the players use as their base of operations. Legitimate businessman.
Wushu: An asian criminal who specializes in acquiring hard to get items. Cat fancier. 

So, the crew has been trying to work on a heist for the last two sessions- get police uniforms and 'raid' a distillery and appropriate their stills for their own purposes.

This has gone swimmingly after Vinnie sneaked into the back of the dry cleaner's that a lot of local police use to get their uniforms cleans.

Vinnie aced his stealth roles. Even the owner's multiple Siamese cats didn't get upset at Vinnie's presence. Vinnie made it out with the uniforms without alerting anyone.

Which is why Vinnie's player was quite confused when the owner, Wushu, sent a ludicrous bill to Sam for the uniforms.

"I aced stealth! How the hell did he learn I was there? You said there was no magic in this campaign!"


Vinnie had dropped a business card for Senga's while he was at Wushu's on account of Wushu's serendipity.

Wushu is an NPC I've been intending to introduce, largely because I need a way to segue a criminal version of Edsel Ford Fong into my game at some point, and the Asian criminal community in NYC during this time period is tiny.

So am I going to let Vinnie avoid the plot purely due to great dice rolls? Of course not! Luck may be great for mechanics manipulation- but Serendipity can allow you to avoid having to roll at all, which might as well just be an automatic success.

Needless to say, a lot of my villains are getting at least a level of serendipity in the future. My players are pulling off the distillery raid next session, which will probably warrant a full action report. No promises.

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