Thursday, May 8, 2014

Agents of Agency 17: Nima Caspi

Nima was originally intended to fill in some gaps within the party that existed while Alex was still around providing thieving opportunities and before Johnny showed up as a potential wheel man. Most importantly, nobody in the group had put more than one or two points into first aid, and none of them had surgery. Along with that, nobody in the group had driving capabilities up to high-speed car chases.

Using Kromm's excellent specialty packages, Nima was created with the following four: Field Medicine, Tactical Driving, Fixer, and Infantry Training, working off the concept that she was a former IDF Combat Medic.

Her standout skills are First Aid 18, Driving (Automobile) and Smuggling both at 16, and Guns (Rifle) and Merchant both at 15. With surgery 14 she could also work professionally as a surgeon, thanks to bonuses for routine tasks, good equipment, and the other benefits one enjoys working in a hospital.

Nima's primary weaknesses are hand-to-hand combat (13 in Judo and Brawling) and she's only effective socially when attempting to acquire gear. She also entirely lacks technical skills not covered by Soldier, which I should probably raise as it covers a great deal of things she would be proficient at.

On the personality side of things, Nima does enjoy being around people and helping them, a large part of why her medical skills are as honed as they are. That said, she drives like a fucking maniac, gleefully attempting maneuvers behind the wheel that others would refuse to attempt.

Besides the usual advantage package that everybody who gets into combat loves (combat reflexes and fit), Nima's rocking Daredevil and Danger Sense. Daredevil is a great choice for someone who takes grossly unreasonable risks, and Danger Sense is the perfect thing for someone driving your vehicle when IEDs and land mines are a potential threat.

Overall, Nima has done a great job of supporting the group while not overshadowing anyone else (except maybe Johnny's driving).

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