Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Action Report: The Extraction of Mr. X, Part 2

Short session tonight:
  • The group crashed at a new, much less comfortable, safehouse
  • Mr. X explained the situation to them, explaining a bit about Natalia and directing them to their next target
  • Mr. X also filled them in on the reasons for the riots. Hacktivists released a plethora of data incriminating the head of the Turkish Intelligence Service with a bunch of human rights violations and other offenses against peaceful protesters, sparking riots.
  • Of course, the players aren't aware that Mr. X is said head of the Turkish Intelligence Service, and that the CIA wants him brought in
  • The next target is a CIA team that is actively hunting for Mr. X. To locate where this team is, Mr. X has sent the group to interrogate the man who has been supplying their weapons.
  • The team staked out the gun runner's shop for almost ten hours straight, which ended when the man they thought was on overwatch for the gun runner opened up on the arms dealers...
  • The players have been avoiding the city center at all costs to avoid the riots

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