Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Ceteri S1E1: Aggie doesn't cause a mass causality event, I swear

(apologies on the sparse summary, my internet was crapped out for the first 30 minutes of the session.)

We're enjoying a nice party with a fairy duke when it's crashed by a bunch of combatants. There's a massive brawl:

  • Yanay gets a bunch of goblins to start attacking one another
  • Agravaine zaps an orge with a necrobolt, hits a redcap with agony, and terrifies another
  • Mike kicks ass with his sword
  • Leo shoots a bunch
  • Landon sips wine and allows his servants to deal with the peasants attacking the castle
The team starts to see to the wounded and interrogating what captives we have once the dust settles. Leo, some random useful person who was at the Duke's party, leads the interrogation, finding out that Baron Saoirse Uí Luain was behind the attack.

This attack far surpasses anything else done before as far as fairy hostility goes. We're talking 300 raiders, hundreds of casualties, and a huge diplomatic incident. Their goal was to cause as much chaos as possible, preferably killing as many nobles in the Duke's court as possible. The fact that they were wielding iron weapons is an even bigger deal- fairies killed by iron don't get to enjoy the afterlife.

One fairy captive who spills the beans eventually gets killed by a spell when Christopher decides we've learned enough.

We piece together that linking two places in physical space together that have no existing connections is serious magical mojo, meaning that this attack was logistically costly.

Yanay has some kind of vision from her deity. She sees a bestial army fighting another army. Pretty short and sweet for a vision. She suddenly has silver tears.

Landon convinces the Duke to employ us to investigate the matter further.

The duke is informed by one of his men that Demonreach Murphy Island has been blown up. The Duke has a brother who married into that family, and boots us out so he can figure out what happened there.

Our objective is to discern why the Duke was attacked, and what else is going on.

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