Sunday, August 7, 2016

Veracity's Downtime: Part 1, Meeting The Judge

(Note for the B-Team: These events took place sometime in the first half of 2012, barring time travel or similar temporal disruptions. Still working out how to best get anything useful I learn to you guys over a four-year time gap.)

C-Team: Besides the explosives training and reporting any moles he finds to Lucas, Veracity doesn't share any of what he does in his free time with you.)

With the Bastille keys firmly in our grasp (IE: Sitting in a room only accessible by Ghost Train), the C-team is currently experiencing downtime between Subway missions that actually involve play. Christopher rounded up the 570ish hours of free time each character would have after allotting time for work, hygiene, eating, etc to a cool 600 hours.


Here's an incomplete rundown of how Veracity spent his free time:

  • 40 hours spent relaxing and catching up with his AEGIS Girlfriend
  • 80 hours attempting to locate The Judge
  • 200 hours undergoing intensive AEGIS Explosives (Demolition) training and filling out forms in triplicate to have AEGIS supply 5lbs of Plastex-B
  • 80 hours looking into Green-sun Holdings/Blue Skies
  • 80 hours checking AEGIS for moles
  • 160 hours that are above your security clearance, citizen. (FRIEND COMPUTER IS YOUR FRIEND) FNORD
The Judge is a vigilante in the Aeon Universe. Widely stated to be a normal human, he's been lurking in the shadows dogging criminals and the unrighteous. He earned the moniker by hanging a child molester in a public space. 

My goal was to recruit him, bringing another agent into the fold for AEGIS.

I rolled very well to locate The Judge, with a MOS of at least 10+. Having started poking around and digging, The Judge decided to pay Veracity a visit in his apartment.

It became immediately apparent that targeting The Judge was going well above Veracity's weight class. Veracity wasn't vetting The Judge, it was the other way around.

The Judge was very nondescript, hard to pin down as being in a single spot (hazy looking), and inscrutable. I (Mr. Insidious) suspect he's got some nice optical camouflage clothing, similar to what Veracity is attempting to requisition from AEGIS over downtime.

The Judge is on a righteous (note: not self righteous) crusade against Blue Skies at the moment. He's been having trouble piercing the shroud that surrounds them. Each time he gets close to learning more about what's going on, they force him to choose between saving someone or getting the information he wants.

A selfless sucker just like Veracity, he stops them from hurting people every time.

The Judge has little interest in Veracity's doomsday theories and the conspiracy surrounding the secret of Black Swan- it's hard to focus on the meteor that's wiping out the dinosaurs and arriving in a year when your house is on fire RIGHT NOW. 

What The Judge is very interested in is MORNING TIDE and PROJECT ICARUS. Evidently Blue Skies has moved past making Steiners, and is instead creating Metahumans, hoping to give already dangerous people super-powers.

The implication seemed to be that 'dangerous people' implied the corrupt and socially powerful might soon be running around throwing fire from their hands. That might be Veracity choosing to see it that way.

Evidently, it all grew from PROJECT PROMETHEUS from the Institute, 

Veracity does his best to listen to The Judge's verbal diarrhea when asked to flesh out what he's learned about Blue Skies. Being an expert at piecing together conspiracies and Intelligence Analysis, I burn some Karma to make up for piss-poor rolls and advise The Judge how to go about making Greene-Sun Holding's day really, really bad.

Some loose ends:
  • The Judge prefers Coke over Pepsi (heathen)
  • The Judge is not what he calls himself (no I'm not sharing what he actually does call himself)
  • The Judge has taken down occult threats before (Some Bokkor)
  • Precognitives are having difficulties seeing past the year 2020 (The Wall)

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