Friday, May 20, 2016

GCS Tips: Making Templates

A user on the /r/gurps subreddit mentioned wanting a tutorial for making templates with GCS. Given that I've been using GCS for years and consider myself a power user, I figured I could lend a hand.

Self-Defense Template from GURPS Action 4: Specialists

First, create a new template.

You'll get a new blank template.
I've got it setup so that the Basic Set Advantages library and the Basic Set Skills library are open to the right. Having them side by side can minimize switching tabs.

As an example, I'm going to create the Parkour specialty package from GURPS Action 4: Specialists.

The parkour package is the following:

  • Basic Move +1 [5]
  • Compact Frame Perk
  • Acrobatics, Climbing, Escape, Jumping, Running, and Urban Survival at various point totals
  • Evade Technique
  • A choice of Techniques
Begin by drag-and-dropping stuff onto the template, as if you were building a character. GCS handles stat boosts via an 'Increased X' advantage. Perks can now generally be found in the Advantages->Power ups library.
Before you ask, I've already reported the skill level error with Evade within GCS

Now for the 'select one/two/4 points of' sections in GURPS talents, you'll want to create a container.
A dialogue window will open up. I suggest naming it similarly to the directions on the template.

Then just drag and drop the options to choose from into the container. A little red line will indent when you're placing it into a container.

If the red arrow isn't indented to the right, you're not placing whatever you're dragging into a container

All done
Now the nice thing about templates is how easy it is to apply them to a character sheet.

Make sure the sheet you want to apply the template to is the last tab you've clicked on before clicking on the template tab. Notice how the Parkour template is highlighted yellow, while untitled sheet is colored grey.

Using the Apply Template to Character Sheet button will have you determine CR rating of advantages, type in specialties, and so on. To pick one from the container, I usually drag my choices out of the container and then delete the container, which will delete all remaining items inside the container.

As a note, making a template for a single character you intend to build is likely a waste of time. Now putting all of action 4's specialties into templates so I as a GM can someday send them to my players to use, that's much more efficient.

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