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Prohibition Mob: A summary of events thus far

I run very plot heavy games. Doing summaries for games that have diverse casts of NPCs and lots of moving parts isn't easy to keep up with. Which is why I haven't for quite some time now.

Not to mention charting out all the groups at play along with their relationships is a complete pain in my ass too. I miss an old program called Imagination (or something close to that) that used to come on the OS9/OSX apple laptops I used in middleschool. It could do thought-webs really easily, with all sorts of handy organization options for making the chart look less like the chaotic mass I get whenever I do things by hand.

Anyways, time to begin. This summary covers about six months worth of play.

The player group started out as thugs working for the Barberini Family. Headed by Michael Barberini with Harold Barberini acting as Underboss, the Barberini family was known for being a fairly weak family in the grand scheme of things. Michael was a better diplomat than power player, and was probably better suited to being a consigliere.

The group started with four players:

  • Sam Licari, a smooth talking wiseguy and career criminal. Sam sought refuge from the Barberinis to escape Three-Fingers Moran, who wants him very much dead.
  • Red, a tomboy street thug. She has quite a soft spot for working girls, since her brother Leone was in charge of the books of the Barberini prostitution rings.
  • Vinnie, a street thug. Wiry and stealthy, Vinnie has a gambling habit which he uses to gain information.
  • Tony, a WWI veteran. He speaks softly and carries a M1918 BAR when the group wants to be armed for bear.
Jack Bennedetto, their capo, brought them together and started them out as fixers for the Barberini organization- raiding booze shipments, extorting local businesses, tossing the places of people who made the mistake of violating Barberini turf, the usual.

Things started to heat up once Three-fingers Moran caught wind that Sam was in NYC. The spat resulted in a few firefights, a few drive by shootings, and the 'accidental' fire that burned down Moran's prime 'entertainment' (drinking) establishment in the city.

The Consigliere of the Barberini, a creepy bastard by the name of Gustav (who they don't know is a former Cheka), hatched a plan to get rid of Moran. On his orders they Kidnapped a Broadway starlet and a Pinkerton Agent, then framed Moran for the murder of both. This landed Three-Fingers in jail.

About this time Sam met a gang contact in Cuba, who wanted to establish a trade route to deliver booze to NYC via plane. 

The group came to the attention of a prominent heist mastermind, who wanted to hit a local bank. Needing the funds to secure the trade route, the group decided to go take the job.

Lots of planning ensued- finding plans, testing security, attempting to hire prostitutes to distract the security response team, deciding that cutting phone lines was easier than hiring that many prostitutes, planning escape routes, and so on.

The heist master brought along some of his flunkies, one of whom ended up being Moran's niece. She shot Sam in the middle of the heist, before getting gunned down herself. Besides that complication, the team's preparation in delaying the security team meant only a cursory firefight with a few police responders who showed up first.

The cash quickly disappeared into the Barberini coffers. The crew was waiting for their payout when Jack Bennedetto and Michael Barberini were shot while eating donuts in a car and discussing the strategy of the Barberini family moving forward.

Michael Barberini died, replaced by his hotheaded brother, Harold. Jack ended up in a coma, his recovery in serious doubt.

The Barberini family quickly started to implode. Sensing blood in the water, rival gangs started to make moves. Harold, incapable of not starting hostilities with everyone around him, dug the group deeper into the muck.

The players decided enough was enough, and they ambushed Harold and his two most trusted lieutenants at a meeting. With a combination of grenades and quickly shooting anyone trying to escape the meeting location, they cut off the head of the Barberini organization.

Concurrently, in the city, another family, the Luchesse, had their leadership culled as well. Utilizing poison and paid assassins, Kincaid hostilely took over the Luchesse family, placing himself at the helm and renaming it the Kincaid outfit. The other powerful families of the city decided not to act, figuring that the Luchesse leadership had failed to protect themselves.

Kincaid offered the players a deal. Ditch the Barberini banner and form ranks with the Kincaid outfit. Sam would be made a capo, Tony elevated to Made Man, and their crew would get to keep more of the profits generated from their rackets than most other groups working for the outfit.

It took a great deal of effort on the players' part to convince the rest of the Barberini family to go with the change- but most did.

Moran escaped from prison. The Pinkerton Agency started putting pressure on the players, suspecting that the death of their agent hadn't been caused by Moran. Harold's widow, Marge, started wondering why her inheritance had disappeared.

Worst yet, Jack was killed by a bomb planted at the hospital. The group suspects Moran.

Most recently, the pressure coming from Marge resulted in a mob lawyer, Marco Santos, looking into the group. This ended with the arrest of Senga (the proprietor of their favorite bar/hideout), a warrant for Leone's arrest, and a raid that caused Senga's (the bar owned by Senga) to be shut down for violating Prohibition.

The group decided to try and intimidate Marco, a plan that failed spectacularly due to a crit success on a perception check and some tactical blunders by the group. Marco was onto the heat, and his buddy the Mayor of NYC had his back.

It took breaking into Santos' office and getting blackmail material to get him to back off. It was a Pyrrhic victory however, as the group had to let go of juicy blackmail material on the mayor himself.

Attention is now turning to Moran, who has been hiding out on a boat in NYC's harbor. A fight is sure to come soon.

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