Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sometimes the worst enemy of a group of PCs is real life.

Agency 17 is over for now. A combination of grad school, work hours changing, going full time and life emergencies caused too much scheduling headaches to continue trying to gather everybody together every week.

Maybe it will return if things settle down, but these things tend to not happen.

In other news, I lost the files for three of my PC's character sheets for the Monster Hunters game I'm running IRL. Thankfully, I'd printed off sheets for everyone a week prior, so I can recreate them without too much fuss.

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  1. Real life messes with game a lot. Many of the PCs in my game who were regulars early sit in the "in reserve" pile because real life prevents their players from attending.

    I hope everyone had a lot of fun playing Agency 17. It seemed like a great game from the outside looking in.